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~Chick in the Tuxedo~

Creativity (or Insanity?) You Decide!

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Creativity (or Insanity?) You Decide!

My creative side...

"To Richard"
(One of the few friends who understands me.)
As I walk through the streets,
staring through the window,
I see the place we used to meet,
and try not to let the tears show.
You had been my friend
and I always told you truth.
But now it's the end
and you're acting completely un-couth...
We still talk from time to time...
But you seem to be disconnected.
As we pick dimes,
you seem to be infected.
You act like it isn't worth it.
Living out your life.
When if it wasn't for you...
I'd have died due to strife...
I've lost you forever.
I know that now.
But how can I let you go...
After all the love you showed me how to give?

I found this online. A message 2 every1!
Don't forget to be happy!

~Dedicated to everyone who believes in me
and told me to never change. Lish, Megan, Sarah, Savvie, Richard,
Ruthi, and guys especially!~
*UnForgotten & Still Standing!*
Wild Child.
That's what they called me.
If they only knew how mild
I could really be.
People always tried
to hold me back.
They thought i'd cry,
but instead i attacked.
"Dreamer" is what they would say
when they saw me.
But I knew someday
they would see.
Drama Queens wouldn't stop me.
No one could get in my way.
I would be who I wanted to be.
I wasn't gonna conform to hide, die,
and then decay...
It just wasn't in me
to be so passive.
Because I knew that I was free
to be me and to live.
I won't let you people get me down.
I'll keep your secrets and be your friend.
But one day I'll leave this town,
and this will all come to an end.
Love will keep me united and tied to
all of my friends and family.
But you guys won't know that 'cuz I fight you
so that I can stay me.
You will remember me in the years to come.
Because you will all know me
and how I wasn't dumb.
No, I wasn't dumb enough to cut my wings and quit being free...
And when you hear me singing
and goin' La la la,
you'll know your phone won't be ringing.
So, ha ha ha...
I beat you out and stayed true
to my personality.
Turns out it was YOU
that wasn't right for ME!



I don’t know where I’m going,
It doesn’t matter anymore.
Emotions are overflowing,
What am I living for?
Shedding my tears of blood,
Unknown are my surroundings,
Been kicked in the mud
So many times, my memory’s blurring.
It’s all going so fast.
I miss the days of floating.
Forgotten is the past,
The future’s foreboding.
I feel as if I’m drowning,
The speed is unbearable.
The lights are shining,
And Death is formidable…

And do-able…

Do-able… do-able… do-able. 


Love YAZ!




So be it by the stars above,

I am yours to hold and to love.

So be it by my heart and soul, I am yours to love forever.

So be it by my love that you shall leave me never.


Or I you, my darling wonder.

For if I were to leave you, or you me, my soul would be torn assunder.

I hope that you see my words as truth, for that they be.

And I pray your shining youth will let you see.


Have my child, live and love me for eternity.

For though you are wild, with no one else I could withstand to be.

You are my heart, my soul, my love, my entire reason to go on with living.

Without you I am nothing, and my heart to another man would not be worth giving.


Please, don't say I am wrong.

For if you do, my life would surely be gone...



I am yours if you but ask,
yours if you but call,
I will do every task you ask of me,
I will catch you when you fall.

For I am your wife unto thee.
And if you weren't my husband, I wouldn't be free.
You are my heart, my soul, and my love.
And whenever I see you, hear you, or think of you, I thank the stars above.

Never a day goes by that I am ungrateful.
I am unable to escape your spirit's call.
And, whether or not you see it, I am yours.
And, for whether or not you'd free it, my heart is forever yours.


~*~ Ghost's Revenge ~*~
I feel the pain
in my soul.
it starts to rain
my body starts to roll.
you killed me inside,
and tried real hard to finish the job.
but in my heart resides
a power that you'll never rob.
I'll always stand back up
when the day is through.
And when u get it up,
you'll remember what we used to do.
At one point I'll find
you all alone.
And in the back of your mind,
you'll lose your comfort zone...
Think of me
whenever the night comes around.
Remember me
when you hear the deadly sounds.
I'll come for you
and you won't escape me.
No matter what you'll do,
justice will be done and I'll be let free.


As i say it,
i wish i would stop.
as i think it,
i curse myself.
why do i do so many
awful things when
in the end i'm dreaming
my nightmares into the day?



I’m standing in the shower,

Letting the water melt away my tears.

All my sadness has started to devour

Me until I’m filled with fear.


I don’t wanna be alone.

I don’t wanna be forgotten.

I want to have a home.

But that’s hard when you’re forgotten.


Love is impossible to hold on to,

It’s also impossible to believe.

You can never find it to be true,

If you do, you’re being deceived…


It’s amazing how much you cry,

When you know the water will make the tears unseen.

But do you ever try

To wonder about why your life is a nightmare,

not a dream?


It’s amazing,

What the showers see.

The stars are blazing,

My heart is broken,

And I’m freezing even though…

It’s 100 degrees…………….